PSN card codes are used to buy in game stuffs for your PS3 or PS Vita machine. Many generators can be found over the internet but are just fake and very much  scam. Generators are programmed to give out 12-digit random codes which can be easily done by any programmer however are not valid for use on your game top-up.

Sony accredited digital and retail stores who sell these codes has to activate it upon your purchase and only after that you’ll be able to use the card. So even if those PSN Code Generators give you a correct code, you would have to wait until it’s activated before you can use it. That makes chances of gaining free PSN card codes even at a loose.

The only legitimate way of gaining PSN card codes without topping-up is by doing surveys online which are paid by advertisers. A few good sites give away 100% working codes in exchange for completing simple and fast surveys. You acquire codes easily without requiring you to give out personal information such as your email address or credit card.

For every survey done is a PSN code reward in the amount of $10, $20 and $50. The more surveys you do, the more chances of getting a good amount. Start earning your free PSN codes now.